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Community Management

We will create a post planning, applying content marketing focused on boosting your presence on social networks. We will carry out effective campaigns so that you reach potential customers and obtain your product and/or service.


Currently, social networks are the main channel for brands to reach their customers. Also, they are very effective when carrying out digital marketing campaigns, increasing your sales.

By making a Social Media plan , your campaigns will be focused on your stated objectives, properly segmenting your audience, managing your investment and optimizing the results you are obtaining.

We have a qualified team, specialized in social media service , who knows how to create quality to improve the interaction between the public and your brand, and manage digital marketing campaigns that meet your goals.


What is Social Media?

The social media service consists of digital marketing strategies that are developed in a company’s social networks, in order to improve engagement with its followers and have successful campaigns that meet their sales objectives.

Why make a Social Media plan?


What does Tapuna offer you to have an effective Social Media plan?

Our agency is focused on meeting your sales goals. For this reason, we offer you: