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Consulting and Digital Audit

We will analyze your digital presence at all levels, such as Web, Email Marketing, Mobile, social networks, among others. We will carry out a study of the competition, to create strategies that attract your audience more to your products and / or services.

consulting and digital audit

Today, to achieve better results, it is necessary to be positioned on the Internet . The competition is stronger every day and if your company does not have the necessary tools, it can be left behind.

This service will help you identify the problems of your campaigns to then create a strategic plan and provide solutions focused on your Marketing objectives . In addition, you will know what the results of your channels are and what are the problems that affect your campaign.

Do you want to increase your sales, improve your website? At Tapuna, we have a team of professionals who have the knowledge and experience to help you manage your campaigns efficiently, productively and focused on always having the best results.

consulting and digital audit

What is Digital Consulting and Audit?

The Digital Audit is specialized in evaluating your website, social networks and all digital assets that involve your company. Once this is done, the aspects that will be improved and optimized to meet your objectives are identified.

While the Digital Consulting allows you to do an analysis of your website, using a set of techniques that will make your page rank among one of the first places in Google search.

Why use a Digital Consulting and Audit Service?

Currently, the competition is getting stronger every day and if your brand is not on the Internet, it is likely that you will not have the desired success. Therefore, we tell you about the benefits that Tapuna offers you with the Digital Consulting and Audit service .

consulting and digital audit
consulting and digital audit

What areas of analysis do we offer you?

We know that you want to know everything about your digital presence , so Tapuna helps you manage a complete analysis of: