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SEO/SEM Agency Web positioning in Google

Web positioning in Google helps you boost your business and increase the number of your sales. Position yourself above your competition and get the most out of the Internet.


SEO is no longer just about getting more views, clicks, or keeping "bounce rates" at the right percentage. The current SEO must be adapted to the objectives of your company and focused on the needs of people.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 users consult the Internet before buying a service or product? This is an excellent opportunity for your company to appear on Google and by carrying out a good SEO positioning strategy, you will be able to achieve it.

At Tapuna, an SEO/SEM agency in Lima, we carry out a competitive analysis and find the most lucrative keywords that offer you an effective return on investment and we implement the content marketing plan. For this, we have a team of SEO/SEM professionals who have more than 4 years of experience in the field and are oriented towards tangible results.


What is SEO and SEM?

SEO and SEM or Google search engine positioning is a discipline that applies a series of technical and strategic actions, based on the guidelines of the search engines. Its main objective is to make a web page appear organically in the first search results, taking into account two main factors: authority and relevance. Where the first is the popularity of your website and the second is the main keywords. Likewise, you will be able to obtain optimal results such as improving the online reputation of your brand, having a presence in other channels such as social networks and more.

SEO Benefits

The main benefits of search engine optimization are:


What SEO solutions do we offer you?

At Tapuna, we offer you solutions adapted to the needs of your business, some of which are:

The tools most used by SEO and SEM experts

Entre algunas de las herramientas SEO que más usamos y recomendamos, se encuentran las siguientes:

We share some SEO tips for your company